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Now They Are Silencing our Children’s Doctors!

Now They Are Silencing our Children’s Doctors!

It’s a new extreme! Thursday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law threatening doctors — including pediatricians — with the loss of their jobs if they talk with families about the risks of a gun in the home or offer advice on gun safety.

The Florida medical community is furious. So are we — and you should be too! We plan to file a federal lawsuit. We are working closely with the medical community to get this law struckdown before other states try the same thing.

But we need your financial support now to help us win this critical fight.

Politicians taking orders from the gun lobby have no business telling doctors and patients what they are permitted to discuss in the privacy of a doctor’s office.

Your support is critical. You can help us strike down this dangerous law by supporting us with a generous donation today.

The Florida law subjects doctors to possible sanctions, including fines and even loss of their license, just for discussing life-saving firearm safety with a patient if the doctor’s comments are later found to be “not relevant” or “unnecessarily harassing.”

This law violates the First Amendment and blocks doctors from fulfilling their obligations to promote health.

We are confident that we can win this case — but need your help. So please donate now.

I hope you are as outraged as I am at what is happening in Florida and will help us in this fight.

Thank you.

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Paul Helmke
President, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

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