Want to ruin Rick Perry’s day?


Dear MoveOn member,


In the last two weeks, MoveOn members have signed up to donate a whopping $25,000 each month to help take on Scott Walker, Jan Brewer, Rick Perry, and other governors pursuing an extremist right-wing agenda.


If we can double that, we’ll have enough resources to bring MoveOn’s grassroots muscle and Internet organizing to state capitols across the country—and go to toe-to-toe with tea party governors across America, heading into a critical election year.


Rick Perry really, really doesn’t want that to happen. Can you chip in $5 a month and ruin Rick Perry’s day?


Yes, I can give $5 a month

Sorry, I can’t

Far-right governors like Scott Walker and Rick Perry—backed by GOP-controlled legislatures—have gone on a right-wing binge, with more than 60 new anti-choice laws, unprecedented attacks on workers’ rights, and deep budget cuts that are pushing the whole country into a double-dip recession.1


The scariest part is, these right-wing extremists are pushing for even more. In states across the country, Republicans are calling “special sessions” to ram through even deeper budget cuts and partisan redistricting maps that will lock in GOP dominance for years to come.2

Even “blue” states like Illinois are being hurt by all these tea party governors, because their deep budget cuts are dragging down our entire national economy.

Plus, we’ve seen over and over how one terrible law like the Arizona immigration bill becomes a model for other states. And Republican governors like Rick Perry are some of the most dangerous challengers to Obama in 2012. That’s why we’re asking every MoveOn member to help fight back against the awful things these governors are doing.

This is one of the biggest expansions we’ve ever taken on. Can you help give us the ongoing resources we need by making a donation of $5 per month? It’s easy, and you can cancel at any time.

Yes, I can give $5 a month


Sorry, I can’t


Thanks for all you do.


–Steven, Michael, Adam Q., Elena, and the rest of the team




1.  “State Budget Cuts in the New Fiscal Year Are Unnecessarily Harmful,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, July 28, 2011


“2011 Mid-Year Legislative Wrap Up,” Center for Reproductive Rights, August 10, 2011
http://www.moveon.org/r?r=263201&id=30760-4798005-SLrgW4x&t=6 [PDF]


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“PSN 2011 Workers Rights Roundup: States Fight Back Against Unprecedented Attacks On Workers,” Progressive States Network, August 18, 2011


2. “The GOP Redistricting Advantage,” National Journal, June 22, 2011


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