Lies! Lies, Lies ! On Senate Bill 1619

“Fight the lies!” was State Senator Heather Steans’ challenge to supporters of responsible, medically accurate sexual health education in public schools who gathered in Springfield last week.

Opponents of Senate Bill 1619, the Illinois Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Act, have been spreading numerous lies about this critical legislation:

  • LIE: SB 1619 teaches kids “the “how to’s” of sexual activity”
    SB 1619 provides that if an elementary or secondary public school offers sex education or sexual health education courses, the programs must be medically accurate and developmentally and age appropriate. Further, programs MUST include the benefits of delaying or abstaining from sexual activity. Fight the Lies: Take Action!
  • LIE: Abstinence-only education works
    Research demonstrates that high-quality, accurate information enables teens to make healthy and responsible decisions about all aspects of their sexual health – decisions that help teens today and throughout their lifetimes. According to research at Columbia University, recent declines in teen pregnancy, for example, have been linked to better contraceptive use. Fight the Lies: Take Action!
  • LIE: SB 1619 would lead to teaching first graders about masturbation
    SB 1619 applies only to public school students in grades 6-12. It stresses that sexual health education programs must be developmentally and age appropriate, and it gives schools the flexibility to choose their own curricula, amongst numerous available programs that meet those standards. SB 1619 ensures that students get the information they need to make responsible, healthy decisions. Fight the Lies: Take Action!

Illinois public schools are not currently required to teach medically accurate sexual health education – and many don’t. Help us ensure Illinois students get the infomation they need to make healthy, responsible decisions. Take action today!

Colleen K. Connell
Colleen Connell
Executive Director
ACLU of Illinois


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